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At the moment, all efforts are aimed at helping our defenders and the needs of the civilians, providing psychological and emotional help moved to the background. 

We want to remind you that the needs of children are very important and try to help them.

We are launching an all-Ukrainian online gallery of children's drawings

«UA KIDS TODAY | Kids of war » 

Today children experience the greatest stress:

  • most of their time is spent in basements and bomb shelters, they do not have an opportunity to play in the playgrounds,

  • they feel anxiety of the parents and can not explain their feelings, their usual day routines are taken from them,

  • they  are in a state of uncertainty, their parents are not able to explain everything to them and entertain them.

We suggest not to leave kids coping with their feelings alone and teach them to express themselves via drawing 

I often see pictures of your children on your social media pages, so I've decided to create an online gallery for them!

  • This will allow them to distract themselves from what is happening around.

  • Feel part of a large team of artists from all over Ukraine.

  • You have some time to be with yourself .

  • Teach children to cope with their experiences through drawing.

  • And we will show the whole world how OUR CHILDREN feel !

We will show photos of these drawings to the whole world - let them see how many children in Ukraine suffer from the horrors of war. 

We made a gallery of photos of children drawings on the site and on Instagram.
Upload pictures of your kids through the form below and we'll add them to the gallery!

Children will see each other's work, that they are not alone in experiencing similar feelings and emotions. 

And after the victory over the aggressor, we will organize a big exhibition of our children's works!

Other child support initiatives

Join our Instagram channel, where we publish tasks for the day with a topic for drawing and recommendations of psychotherapists.

If you have a tradition of reading to children at bedtime, but now there are no favorite books at hand, the Instagram channel "skazki pered snom" opens free access for parents from Ukraine.

From 16:00 to 16:30  "Workshop on the Hem" also organizes a joint viewing of cartoons!

Every day at 15:00 "Workshop on the Hem" conducts online drawing lessons for children.

Permanent link to the meeting

If you do not have the strength or ability to read books, the telegram channel "Paul and Java" recorded a lot of popular fairy tales and books. Such as "Shus t and Shunya", "Rescue Plane" and others.

  Academy A + conducts classes for children from 4 years old



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Who we are:

We, Artem and Anastasia Bykovets, parents of 2 children (1.9 years Sasha and 6.3 years Sofia) were forced to leave their home in the suburbs of Kiev, because of the high threat to children. When the fighter jets started flying over our house, we managed to gather the children and go around the world in a safer place. We allowed the children to take only 3 favorite toys. With tears, Sofia said goodbye to her room…. standing in the middle of the room, she knew what could happen….
While we were driving, we talked a lot, spoke honestly, but in a soft way…. and Sophia began to actively paint. We didn't have paper, but it was arranged with craft bags and napkins, later we were given a tablet / mobile phone. We have seen that in this way, she becomes easier, she is distracted and experiences her emotions and worries. One morning we realized that this is an opportunity for many children, so that we can help our children in this difficult time. Art therapy helps to cope with their emotions every day, so as not to preserve anxiety and fear within themselves, and also gives parents the opportunity to look into the emotions and experiences of their child.

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